A versatile musician and composer, Nathalie Alice has been performing around Los Angeles since 2008. This prescient musical act creates original compositions, and also covers a wide array of musical greats.
Born in Paris, France, where she had spent her formative years, she had often lent her ears to jazz music, and took a liking to its improvisational aspects. She was soon influenced to take up the guitar.
As a child, she remembers watching her father create paintings of renowned French leader Charles de Gaulle. Her father had applied a great amount of detail, patience, and long hours into these paintings, which were based off of small photos. Nathalie had grown to apply these very qualities into her music, she was able to transcribe by ear entire solo pieces by artists such as Joe Pass & Martin Taylor, as well as improvised solos of her favorite jazz artists.
After a year studying at I.M.F.P. Salon de Provence, a Jazz Institute near Marseille, she became inspired to ignite a huge sea change in her life. Nathalie would leave France for the entertainment capital of New York City. After a few years spent performing in small jazz ensembles in the Big Apple, Nathalie relocated in Los Angeles, where she is currently based out of. With a diverse and ever-growing repertoire, and as dedicated to her craft as ever, she prides her creative vision and artistic direction on building a firm connection with people, regardless of musical background or tastes.
Nathalie will be releasing an EP beginning of 2017. This EP will feature a track "Adieu Massilia" that was selected and used by Anthony Bourdain for a season 6 episode of his hit television show, Parts Unknown.
The soul, naturalness, and vulnerability in her music are well on display in her live performances, and they often times ignite a spark into people's ears and emotions when she plays.


Alex Dominguez